Economic Development

The City of Grand Junction works with its economic development partners to recruit, retain, and expand business activity within the City. The City supports these partners as they perform economic development activities.

Economic Development Plan

On May 7, 2014, City Council unanimously adopted the City's first Economic Development Plan (PDF). The plan marks an important step for the City of Grand Junction in formalizing the approach to bolster business here and address economic development head-on, especially in an economy that has been slow to recover.

In 2013, City Council undertook a focused effort to develop a plan that they feel accurately captures their vision for the economic vitality of this community.

Development Incentives

Redevelopment Area

Development within the City's Redevelopment Area boundary qualifies for a reduction in Transportation Capacity Payment (TCP) fees for infill projects within this defined boundary. See Resolution 03-20 (PDF) for the Redevelopment Area boundary and Resolution 93-19 (PDF) for the calculations of reduction in TCP. The Redevelopment Area can also be viewed on the Development Map. Currently, no application or reservation request is required for this incentive. It is applied at the time of planning clearance issuance. 

Corridor Infill

Certain development within the Corridor Infill boundary may qualify for a reduction in various fees and may qualify for sales and use tax rebates. See Resolution 74-22 (PDF) for the Corridor Infill Boundary, incentive(s), and program procedures. The Corridor Infill Boundary can also be viewed on the Development Map. The application period for an Incentive Reservation is currently closed.

North Star Report


Please contact Community Development at 970-244-1430 for more information.