Backflow Design Requirements

All sprinkler systems must be equipped with a backflow preventer. There are three different types of backflow preventers to choose from. PVB and RPB backflow preventers must be tested annually by a state-certified tester. The Cross Connection Control Coordinator has a list of approved backflow preventers since not all devices sold locally are approved for use.

Maximum Design Flow

Maximum design flow for residential systems on a 3/4 inch service and meter should not exceed 15 gallons per minute (gpm). Higher flows can damage the meter. All devices should be installed in a manner that allows adequate clearance for testing and repairs. Before installing a new sprinkler system that will use domestic water, you are required to get a building permit from the Mesa County Building Department.

Helpful Resources

For information regarding flows for larger meters email the Cross Connection Control Coordinator or call 970-256-4101.