Property and Evidence

police carThe Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for managing, processing, and storing items collected or seized during police investigations and operations. The Unit consists of a Crime Laboratory Supervisor, Criminalists, Digital Forensic Analyst, and Evidence Technicians. Chemists, stationed at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) office in Grand Junction, process evidence for the Grand Junction Police Department, as well as assist the CBI with casework throughout the Western Slope. The Digital Lab is responsible for collecting and processing any digital evidence submitted, such as cell phones, computers, surveil­lance video, etc.  Evidence technicians are responsible for each piece of evidence submitted to the Grand Junction Police Department and assisting with maintaining the body-worn cameras. This Unit is collaterally trained as Foren­sic Investigators and is responsible for processing complex crime scenes, homicides, officer-involved shootings, or other crime scenes which require specialized forensic techniques.

Members of the public wanting to pick up property or evidence need to schedule an appointment with our evidence technicians. Please call 970-549-5150 to schedule an appointment.

2019 Property and Evidence Unit Stats

  • 19,500 Items of evidence submitted and processed
  • 15.7 Terabytes of data processed
  • 39,000 Body-worn camera files created

For all open records requests, including police reports, accident reports, Body Worn Cameras, and 911 audio, please complete this request form.  Requests may also be made in person at the Police Department at 555 Ute Avenue.