Outdoor Burning Regulations

Alternatives to Open Burning

Backyard composting has proven very beneficial to replacing open burning. Contact Colorado State Cooperative Extension at 970-244-1834 for specific details on how to compost materials in your own back yard.

The Mesa County Waste Management Division offers a large-scale composting facility to the public for residential, municipal and commercial green waste disposal. Materials can be dropped off at the Orchard Mesa Landfill weekday afternoons at no charge. Please avoid materials containing rocks and metal debris, which can cause havoc to the large and expensive tub grinder needed to reduce these materials into small, compostable pieces. They can be contacted at 970-263-9319 for more information.

Recreational Outdoor Burning Regulations

While recreational fire pits, portable outdoor fire places, and permanent fire pits/fireplaces do not require a permit, regulations still apply for the proper use of each. All burning is prohibited during times of sustained or prevailing winds, no burn days, and red flag warnings.

Grand Junction Burn Permits Graphic