Sewer District Service Area

The City of Grand Junction Wastewater Division is responsible for maintaining all sewer lines within the boundaries of the 201 sewer district. To check if your property is within this district, please visit our GIS map and enter your address.

Property Related Wastewater Issues

If you are experiencing issues with your sewer system, first check to see if the issue is with the plumbing on your property. Plumbing and wastewater lines that connect from a property to a main sewer line are considered under the ownership of the property owner. As such, the City of Grand Junction cannot service these lines. In these cases, it is appropriate for the property owner to receive services from a plumber.

Graphic showing property plumbing leading to the City main line. Any pipes that run from the property to the mainline are the responsibility of the property owner.

Private and public sewer lines, private lines go from the house to the sewer

Sewer Issues

If you wish to report a problem with the City’s main sewer lines, such as a sewer blockage originating in the main line, an uncovered manhole, or a sewer odor coming from the City main lines, please use the Report a Concern online form to do so.

Sewer Emergencies

If you have a sewer emergency, such as a sewer backup or overflow, and it is within the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, please call 970-256-4180.

If you have a sewer emergency outside of our normal hours of operation, please call 970-242-6707.

Sewer Back-Up Policy

As outlined in GJMC § 13.16.130(t), even in the best maintained sewage collection systems, blockages occur for many reasons including roots, grease, and items disposed of in manholes. 

Because blockages may occur without anyone being at fault, the City recommends that if you are concerned about back-ups, you can pay to install an approved backflow device and should also make sure your insurance policy covers sewer back-up damages.

Septic Systems

Residents living in the Persigo service area that are within 400-feet of an existing public sewer are required by Grand Junction Municipal Code § 13.04.090 to connect to sanitary sewer.

If a property was developed without connection to sewer and connection to the City line is deemed impracticable, the wastewater manager may determine the property is eligible for a septic waiver, permitting that disposal and treatment facilities of the property exist by current regulations.

Examples of when sewer construction may be impracticable can be found in Grand Junction Municipal Code § 13.16.060 (c)(2).

To request a waiver or for additional questions about the use of a septic system, please email Seth Ely or call 970-256-4180