Recycling Division

The Recycling Division offers curbside recycling for residential homes and dwellings 4-plex and under. All products listed in the Recycling Guide (PDF) are sent to market and never landfilled. All materials accepted have a strong, domestic market and will be recycled if it arrives at the recycling facility and meets guidelines.

Sign Up for Residential Curbside Service

Customers must reside within Grand Junction city limits. Materials must be on the approved list and be prepared in accordance with guidelines. The list of acceptable materials is subject to change depending on end markets for recyclables. The latest updates can always be found on the website or by contacting the Recycling Division at 970-242-1036 or

  1. Review the Curbside Recycling Guide (PDF).
  2. Complete the Curbside Recycling Subscription Form (PDF) and submit via mail or email to The Recycling Division will contact you to confirm your subscription upon receipt. 

Service Schedule

The City offers residential curbside recycling service to single-family residences and to multi-family units up to four-plexes. Currently, the City only offers once-per-month service for $1.75 per month. This charge can be added to the customer's monthly City utility bill or paid directly one year in advance for $21.

Current twice-per-month customers are able to keep their service and transfer it with them, but no new twice-per-month accounts are being created.

Customers should have material ready by 8 a.m. on the day of collection and at the location designated by the City (typically at curbside on the street bearing the service address) at the time of sign-up. Whenever possible, the City will return your recycling containers to a location near your house and secure them as best as possible to prevent loss. The City is not responsible for lost, stolen, or missing containers. Note that your pick-up day will vary with location throughout the city, and will not always coincide with any trash services you may receive.


Bags and bins are only available to residential service subscribers. If requested, the City will provide new subscribers with up to four 22-gallon recycling bags at no additional charge.

Customers may use any containers that suit their needs, but it is encouraged to use containers that are in good repair and do not collect water/debris. Please ensure that containers weigh no more than 40 pounds when loaded with recyclable materials. The City may not be able to collect material in overweight or otherwise unmanageable containers. Please secure and contain your material in case of high winds.

Residential curbside recycling customers may also purchase replacement bags and plastic, green, open-topped, 18-gallon capacity, UV-resistant bins from the City. Please contact the Recycling Division for pricing and availability.


Contact the Recycling Division at 970-242-1036 or

2022 Once Per Month Schedules

  1. First Week
  2. Second Week
  3. Third Week
  4. Fourth Week

Please have material out before 8 a.m. on day of pick up

Monday - Route 1.1Tuesday - Route 1.2Wednesday - Route 1.3Thursday - Route 1.4Friday - Route 1.5
January 3January 4January 5January 6January 7
February 7
February 1February 2February 3February 4
March 7March 1March 2March 3March 4
April 4April 5April 6April 7April 1
May 2May 3May 4May 5May 6
June 6June 7June 1June 2June 3
*July 5 - Tuesday*July 6 - Wednesday*July 7 - Thursday*July 8 - FridayJuly 1
August 1August 2August 3August 4August 5
*September 6 - Tuesday*September 7 - Wednesday*September 8 - ThursdaySeptember 1September 2
October 3
October 4October 5October 6October 7
November 7November 1November 2November 3November 4
December 5December 6December 7December 1December 2

*Holiday schedule change

2022 Twice Per Month Schedule

  1. First and Third Week
  2. Second and Fourth Week

Please have material out before 8 a.m. on day of pick up

Monday - Route 1.1, 1.3Tuesday - Route 1.2, 3.2Wednesday - Route 1.3, 3.3Thursday - Route 1.4, 3.4Friday - Route 1.5, 3.5
January 3 and 17January 4 and 18January 5 and 19January 6 and 20January 7 and 21
February 7 and 21February 1 and 15February 2 and 16February 3 and 17February 4 and 18
March 7 and 21March 1 and 15March 2 and 16March 3 and 17March 4 and 18
April 4 and 18April 5 and 19April 6 and 20April 7 and 21April 1 and 15
May 2 and 16May 3 and 17May 4 and 18May 5 and 19May 6 and 20
June 6 and 20June 7 and 21June 1 and 15June 2 and 16June 3 and 17
*July 5 and 18*July 6 and 19
*July 7 and 20
*July 8 and 21
July 1 and 15
August 1 and 15August 2 and 16August 3 and 17August 4 and 18August 5 and 19
*September 6 and 19*September 7 and 20
*September 8 and 21September 1 and 15September 2 and 16
October 3 and 17October 4 and 18October 5 and 19October 6 and 20October 7 and 21
November 7 and 21November 1 and 15November 2 and 16November 3 and 17November 4 and 18
December 5 and 19December 6 and 20December 7 and 21December 1 and 15December 2 and 16

*Holiday schedule change