About Us

In 1972, Congress passed the Clean Water Act to restore and maintain the quality of the nation's waters. The Act required every wastewater treatment plant that discharges directly into a body of water to have a discharge permit. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued Persigo's discharge permit specifying monitoring requirements and pollutant discharge limits. These limits are set to protect the current uses of this segment of the Colorado River - recreation, aquatic life, and agriculture.

The treated wastewater leaving Persigo consistently meets its limits through a team effort of dedicated professionals. At Persigo, the superintendent oversees the operation of the plant, lab personnel analyzes samples collected at different stages of the treatment process, operators optimize conditions for the various treatment processes, mechanics maintain the inner workings of the plant and an office manager keeps the paperwork flowing.

Persigo employees also work upstream from the plant to ensure compliance. Collection crews keep approximately 462 miles of sewer lines flowing freely to prevent backups that could pose a threat to the health of the community or environment. Pretreatment staff work with commercial and industrial facilities to ensure pollutants that may upset the wastewater treatment process do not enter the system.

The Persigo Wastewater Plant lit up by an early morning sunrise