Current Projects

Capital Projects 

Capital Projects are part of the City's Public Works operations and help maintain or improve municipal infrastructure. The total capital investment in 2023 is approximately $66.7 million and planned projects include efforts to improve and expand transportation and mobility infrastructure. This includes a continued emphasis on our curb, gutter, and sidewalk replacement projects and a $27.7 million investment in our transportation network to add capacity to the street network.

The following is a list of active Public Works Capital Projects in the City of Grand Junction, which may be viewed to learn about the scope, timelines, and estimated costs related to each, as well as resident and/or expected traffic impacts (if applicable). A full list of approved 2023 Capital Projects (PDF) is available, as well as the 2023 Capital Project Descriptions (PDF).

For current traffic impact information, you can view weekly Projects Affecting Traffic reports. To report an issue, click the button below.


For additional information on these projects, please call 970-256-4082 or email City staff will direct you to the appropriate project Engineer.