Engineering and Transportation

The Public Works Department supports and enhances a high quality of life for the City’s residents, businesses, and visitors by providing maintenance of the City’s core transportation and stormwater infrastructure along with planning, design, and oversight of most of the City’s capital improvement program. The Public Works Department includes the divisions of Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Street Systems/Stormwater. 


The mission of the Engineering Division is to plan and manage the improvement and expansion of public infrastructure systems to support safety, maintain acceptable levels of service, and accommodate future growth. Engineering is comprised of a wide range of services focused on master planning, surveying, design, right-of-way permitting, inspection, and construction management. The Engineering Division supports multiple departments within the City to provide complete project management capabilities for capital projects involving streets, utilities, facilities, public safety, parks, and trails. 

Transportation Engineering

The Transportation Engineering Division provides for the safe and efficient movement of traffic on our roadway system within our community. This is done by using the latest materials, equipment, technology, and standards and applying good engineering practices in designing and installing signalization, pavement markings, and signing. The Transportation Engineering Division provides engineering input to major road construction projects, land development, site planning, and transportation planning.

Street Systems

The Street Systems Division consists of two multi-functional programs: Street Cleaning and Street Maintenance. 

The Street Cleaning program focuses on street sweeping, storm drainage/irrigation system maintenance, and leaf removal. Street Maintenance is responsible for pavement maintenance, alley grading, and sidewalk maintenance. 

Both programs work together towards completing the Annual Spring Clean-Up and chip seal programs, as well as snow removal.


The City of Grand Junction Stormwater Program includes the operation and maintenance of the stormwater drainage system infrastructure consisting of ditches, gutters, storm drain inlets, manholes, and underground pipe in the city-wide storm drainage system. The City is required to comply with State mandated regulations for stormwater quality requirements, and is committed to fulfilling our stormwater customers' needs while complying with stormwater quality regulations and meeting operation and maintenance obligations.