Tree Care Services

City of Grand Junction Forestry Services

The City of Grand Junction Forestry Division offers a wide variety of tree care services. These are services offered on City trees and properties within the city limits of Grand Junction.  Please fill out the Tree Work Request Form to make a request.

  • Hazard tree identification and inspection
  • Insect and disease identification and control
  • Memorial Tree Program (PDF)
  • Tree mulch and firewood program
  • Tree planting, questions and requests
  • Tree pruning, removal and requests
  • Trees blocking traffic signs and signals

Tree Planting Request/Tree Stewards

All Grand Junction property owners interested in becoming city tree stewards can request that the City plant new street trees in the right-of-way adjacent to their property.

Is My Tree on City Property/What is a Right-Of-Way Area?

Services are ONLY for trees on City property, typically in the Right-of-Way areas, between the sidewalk and street. Not sure if your tree is the Right-of-Way or on City property? Check out the City map here

Trees, streets, and grass

Contract Tree Services

When hiring a tree service provider, you must ensure they are licensed in the City of Grand Junction. Licensed tree care providers (PDF) are insured and have shown the Grand Junction Forestry Board their proficiency in proper tree care. This ensures the safety of both homeowners and trees. 

Do you have a tree on private property that needs tree care?

Tree services and anyone pruning trees for hire must have a license to perform work within the City limits. Check out the current list of licensed tree care providers (PDF) in Grand Junction. 

Hiring a tree care provider for your right-of-way tree?

A public tree maintenance permit is required prior to pruning, removal, or treatment of any tree located on City property. Please fill out a permit request before hiring a tree care provider to perform work on City trees.

Are you an arborist who needs to become certified?

In order for a tree company to work in the City of Grand Junction, they must be first licensed through the City Forestry Board. Licenses are obtained by filling out an application, providing proof of insurance, completing a demonstration of basic understanding and competency of tree care (exam), and a yearly fee. Licenses are in place to protect homeowners and trees. Click here to become a licensed Arborist.