Water Connection Fee

Water connection fees are determined based on the size of your service line and meter. City crews make all physical connections to the water main line; and therefore, the connection fee includes a tap fee and a PIF. Most single-family homes use a 3/4 inch service line/water meter.

2023 Connection Fees

SizeTapPIFTotal Connection Fee
3/4 inches$721.00$4,614.40$5,335.40
1 inch$901.25$6,154.25$7,055.50
1.5 inches$2,111.50$10,845.90$12,957.40
2 inches$2,987.00$16,088.60$19,075.60
3 inches$7,081.25$27,279.55$34,360.80
4 inches$13,235.50$42,878.90$56,114.40
6 inches$20,445.50$139,855.46$160,300.96

Fire line connections will be billed on a time and material basis. For more information please contact Pipeline Maintenance at 970-244-1572.

Ridges Irrigation Connection Fee

The Ridges Irrigation connection fee is a flat $267.80 for any new connection to the system. Your contractor makes the connection, so the irrigation connection fee is made up of a PIF only.

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