Outdoor Storage and Unlicensed/Inoperable Vehicles

Outdoor Storage

  • Outdoor storage is allowed in the city limits on residential and non-residential properties.
  • Nonresidential outdoor storage is subject to certain zoning criteria. Please call the Planning office at 970-244-1430.
  • Residential outdoor storage is presumed if storage items/materials are outside of a dwelling for a period of longer than 48 consecutive hours and occupy a volume of more than 150 cubic feet. This includes building materials, except for a period when a valid building permit is in effect for construction on that property.
  • All outdoor storage must be located on the rear half of the lot and screened from sight.
  • Storage of junk and rubbish is not allowed on any part of the property. These items include but are not limited to: appliances, trash, furniture and accumulation of brush and tree limbs.


Unlicensed/inoperable vehicles

  • A maximum of two inoperable vehicles intended for repair or restoration may be stored on the property as long as the vehicles are owned by the property owner or occupant, stored in the rear half of the lot and screened or covered from sight.


For more information please view the Grand Junction Municipal Code/Zoning and Development Code Outdoor Storage Regulations.