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Fire Extinguisher Test

  1. Which of the following is a type of extinguisher?*
    Check all that apply
  2. An emergency evacuation plan is successful when you 1. Print it and store it in a safe place and 2. Identify at least two ways out of every room. What other precautionary measures can make an emergency evacuation plan successful?*

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  3. An ABC Extinguisher can put out what kind of fire?*
    Choose the best option
  4. Having a fire extinguisher is just one part of a fire safe building, what are some other things that can make your home/office safe against fire?*
    Choose the best option
  5. When do you use a fire extinguisher?*

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  6. The acronym PASS helps to remember how to use an extinguisher, what does it stand for?*
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  7. The acronym RACE helps to remember what to do when there is a fire, what does it stand for? *
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