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  1. Car Seat Check Request
  2. Commendation Form

    Thank you for taking time to share a positive experience with GJFD. Commendations are forwarded to the GJFD Command Staff for review... More…

  3. Fire Department Complaint Form

    Grand Junction Fire Department considers all complaints important. Complaints are documented on the "Complaint Record Form" and... More…

  4. Hands-Only CPR Test

    After you take this online test we will grade it and return it to you within 1-4 business days. If you score 80% or higher we will... More…

  5. Request CPR or Bleeding Control Class

    GJFD offers free hands-only CPR and bleeding control classes. These classes are not certifications, but focus on developing the... More…

  6. Station Tour Request

    GJFD station tours to individuals, organizations, and groups. When requesting a station tour, we ask for understanding that you are... More…

  7. YFI 3 Month Follow-Up

    Youth Fire Intervention, participant 3-month follow-up feedback form.

  8. Youth Fire Intervention Referral

    If a young person has started a fire or fires, or is playing with fire, Youth Fire Intervention is a free program to education families... More…

  1. Classroom Visit Request

    GJFD classroom visits generally last an hour and focus on fire and life safety education to make families and our community safer.

  2. Delaney's Safety House Request
  3. Fire Extinguisher Test

    After you take this online test we will grade it and return it to you within 1-2 business days. If you score 80% or higher we will... More…

  4. Outreach Car Seat Inspections
  5. Request GJFD at a Community Event

    With proper notice, GJFD participates in community events whose primary focus is fire and life safety. We are only able to commit to... More…

  6. YFI 1 Year Follow-Up

    Youth Fire Intervention, participant 1 year follow-up feedback form.

  7. YFI 6 Month Follow-Up

    Youth Fire Intervention, participant 6-month follow-up feedback form.


  1. Give a Compliment

    Your feedback is valuable to us! If you would like to share a compliment for our department, or a member of our staff, please do so... More…

  1. Make a Complaint

    We take all complaints seriously, and your feedback is valuable to us. The most timely and efficient way to submit feedback is by... More…

Recycling Division

  1. Curbside Recycling Request Form

    Make your bag/bin selection and choose a billing option for curbside recycling.

  2. Trash & Recycling Service Selection Form

    Complete this form to make residential service selections regarding the size of City-provided trash bins and to request recycling... More…

  1. Formulario de selección de servicio de basura y reciclaje

    Complete este formulario para hacer selecciones de servicios residenciales con respecto al tamaño de los contenedores de basura... More…