Riverfront at Dos Rios

Over the past 30 years, the 67-acre Riverfront at Dos Rios development in Grand Junction has made a dramatic transformation of the area from landfill and junk yard to an area poised for redevelopment and revitalization. With unparalleled access to the river, trail system, greenspace and downtown, the City envisioned the area as a vibrant neighborhood serving as homes, as well as places to work and play for residents and visitors alike. Numerous land acquisitions by the City and cleanup of the site by the Department of Energy led initially to the extension of the Riverfront Trail along the length of the property, as well as the addition of a backwater pond for endangered fish. These early steps were made possible with the help of community groups such as One Riverfront and the Lions Club.

The completed infrastructure improvements for Riverfront at Dos Rios totaled $10.7 million with the purpose of creating a shovel-ready project for a potential developer along the Colorado River. The City has invested more than $1 million in park improvements including a bicycle playground, a restroom/shelter, and development of a 16-acre park along the river with more public amenities planned. In cooperation with Downtown Grand Junction, a special district was established as a financing mechanism and sales and property tax increment funds generated within the development have been appropriated for the project for the next decade.

The development of Riverfront at Dos Rios serves as a catalyst for private reinvestment and revitalization of the City’s riverfront envisioned in downtown community plans and strategic plan directives. The Riverfront at Dos Rios will be a significant regional draw for residents and visitors and provide job opportunities for a diversified economy.