Strategic Plan

2019 Strategic Plan CoverOn November 6, 2019, City Council unanimously adopted the City of Grand Junction Strategic Plan (PDF). The document, which was many months in the making, will serve as a guide for the City Council and City staff over the course of the next two years.

Guiding Principles

The Plan is based on four guiding principles: Partnership and Intergovernmental Relationships, Fiscal Responsibility, Communication and Engagement, and Leadership.

Strategic Directives

The guiding principles lead to the four Strategic Directives of the Plan:

  • Public Safety
  • Planning and Infrastructure
  • Diversification of our Economic Base
  • Connectedness through Community Building

Each of the strategic directives is accompanied by a number of key initiatives, which involve specific actions, programs and ideas designed to bring about the realization of the strategic directives.

City Council and City staff will be using this document to guide their policy and decision-making over the next two years.

2021 Strategic Plan

The 2021 Strategic Plan is currently being finalized. The full plan document will be available here once adopted by City Council.