System Maintenance

The City of Grand Junction has over 3000 storm drain inlets and over 100 miles of drainage pipe to covey stormwater runoff from its urbanized areas. The Street Systems stormwater crew is responsible for inspecting, maintenance and repair of the stormwater system. This includes cleaning plugged drainage structures and drainage pipes, removing debris from storm drain inlets, and repairing or replacing defective drainage structures or pipes.

In some non-curb and gutter areas, irrigation ditches are used to covey stormwater runoff. The City is responsible for maintaining non-pressurized irrigation pipe larger than 6 inches located under the street.

Indian Wash & Leach Creek

Indian Wash and Leach Creek are two major natural drainage channels that flow through the City. A portion of the City's storm system drains into these channels. The City performs limited maintenance to help prevent the obstruction of storm flows. This includes the removal of trees, brush, trash or other debris that threaten to obstruct the flow of stormwater.

Helpful Resources

  • To report a plugged storm drain, call 970-244-1584.
  • To report pollution entering our drainage channels or storm drainage system, call the Stormwater Hotline at 970-263-8201. (After hours dial 911).
  • To report a hazardous waste discharge, flooding or other emergency, please dial 911.