Chipseal Program

Chipseal is a protective wearing surface that is placed on a street to prolong its service life. In some instances, this process is performed on pavement that is relatively new to act as a protective coating. In such cases, this process will add years to the life of a street and will provide a safe, skid-resistant surface.


A thin layer of new, small rocks are spread over a fresh coat of oil. Approximately 2 to 4 weeks following the chipseal, a fogseal will be applied. Fogseal is a thinner viscosity asphalt that is applied to help set the rock, and make the pavement "black" again. Once Fogseal has been applied, the roads are returned to service within one to six hours - this time span depends greatly upon weather conditions (wind, humidity, temperature, etc.) and time of day.


  • Before chipseal/fogging activities begin, street sweepers will sweep the area thoroughly - starting as early as 3 am.
  • No parking is allowed on the street while workers are laying chips or fogging.
  • Notice will be given, so please make alternate parking arrangements.
  • Lane striping is done by the Transportation Engineering Department.

Please note: Dates are tentative, weather and equipment delays can occur.

Helpful Resources

For more information about the Chipseal process, please send us an email.