Recycling and Composting

The City acquired GJ CRI in February 2022 and offers full-service recycling to City residents. Most neighborhoods have access to monthly multi-stream curbside collection for only $1.75/month. Learn more and contact the Recycling Division to sign up.

Starting in March 2023, the City began phasing in a new dual-stream recycling program in targeted neighborhoods. Dual-stream is preferable to single-stream as it decreases the likelihood of product contamination, preserving the well-known quality of the City's recycling streams while enabling the City to modernize its collection fleet and curbside collection methods. This will bring more efficient curbside recycling to the entire City by 2025. See if your neighborhood has been included and learn more about this new program.

recycle center

In addition to the City’s new dual-stream recycling program, the City now offers curbside yard waste removal from April through October in phased-in neighborhoods. This program will divert compostable, non-food material from the City’s solid waste stream, reducing the City’s landfill contribution and methane emissions. To learn more about benefits of composting, please check out these resources:

  • Colorado State University Extension fact sheet on at-home composting benefits and methods.
  • EPA fact sheet on at-home composting benefits and methods.
The Recycling Division’s drop-off facility (333 West Ave. Building G, Grand Junction 81501) also has the capacity to process compostable food waste and other materials that are difficult to dispose of. Access their website.