Shared Micromobility Pilot Study

The Shared Micromobility Pilot Study will solicit up to three shared micromobility companies to launch services within city limits. Companies who are selected will be required to provide dedicated parking and share anonymized data with the City via a third-party.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Diversify transportation options for residents
  • Encourage modal-shifts for short-distance trips
  • Prepare for emerging mobility using data collected
  • Provide first- and last-mile connectivity for transit users
  • Inform active transportation infrastructure investments using data collected
  • Inform future policies
  • Understand micromobility and inform a permanent licensing permit process for shared mobility businesses

Pilot Study Schedule

The vendor selection process started in August 2022 and the pilot study is expected to begin April 2023. The pilot will run for 18 months and will conclude October 30, 2024.

Micromobility Timeline

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