F 1/2 Parkway Project


In 2005 the F 1/2 Area Corridor Study was completed and included a public involvement process. The findings from the Study provided the foundation for further transportation planning efforts and were incorporated into the adopted 2018 Grand Junction Circulation Plan.   

In 2019, voters approved ballot measure 2A, which provides funding for the F ½ Road Parkway, as well as multiple transportation expansion projects within the City. This 5-lane, multimodal arterial will provide an alternative route around congested Patterson Road and serve a rapidly developing area. 

Project Benefits

  • Provide access to adjacent neighborhoods
  • Alleviate traffic congestion
  • Accommodate growth and new development
  • Provide safer access for homes along 25 Road
  • Improve existing infrastructure
  • Improve existing utility services (i.e., irrigation)
  • Provide safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improve aesthetic appeal for 25 Road corridor
  • Increase trail connectivity

Project Alignment

The project alignment is from 24 Road to 25 Road along F 1/2 Road. Please review the Conceptual Design (PDF) and the Project Alignment graphic for more detail.

F.5 Rd PKWY - project slides_Page_3

Phase 1 - Construction in 2023

  • 2 key components (culvert and roundabout)
  • Design (>60%, including utilities)
  • Only half-street improvement between 24 Road and Market Street
  • No existing road east of Market Street

Phase 2 - Construction in 2024

  • Design in progress (30%)
  • Improvements to adjacent roadways
  • 25 Road no longer direct connection to Patterson, only via F 1/2 Parkway
  • Unique “Florida T” intersection with Parkway
  • Full access at F 1/4 and F 3/4 at Flat top Lane
  • No separate access at Foresight Circle
  • 25 Road Court with cul-de-sac for Western Colorado Community College (WCCC)
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