Street Maintenance Program

The Street Maintenance Program has a goal of maintaining the street network that provides a strong level of service and that is sustainable. The condition of the streets are measured regularly using a pavement condition index (PCI). From 2017 through 2022, over $33 million will have been invested in improving the condition of our street infrastructure from a PCI of 69 to a more sustainable 73. Funding in 2022 for this effort is from two sources: $2.8 million from the City’s 0.75% sales tax for capital improvements and $1.5 million from the voter-approved 2017 measure 2B which allowed the City to use restricted TABOR dollars for increasing the condition of City streets. After the first five years of the program, the City's pavement condition is estimated at 73 - placing the City in good standing on the goal to increase PCI to over 73 by year’s end.

View a map of the 2022 Street Maintenance Program (PDF)

Street Overlays

These improvements include installing a 2-inch layer of new asphalt which restores the structural capacity to the road. This year, five roads will be overlaid, totaling seven miles of new asphalt.

  • 21 1/2 Road from Hwy 6&50 to 848 21 1/2 Road
  • 25 1/2 Road from Independent Avenue to Patterson Road
  • 27 Road from Unaweep Avenue to B 3/4 Road
  • Redlands Parkway from Broadway Roundabout to Colorado River Bridge
  • Fernwood Court in the Knolls Subdivision

Chip Seal

Chip sealing involves installing a layer of 3/8” of fine rock surface (“chips”) and then a few weeks later covering it in a fog seal. The chips help provide a new wearing surface but more importantly, this method seals the surface to help prevent moisture from compromising the integrity of the street. Over 78 miles of road will be covered in 2022, primarily in the Redlands south of Highway 340. The Sanford, Colex, Scarlet industrial area will also be chipped. Chip sealing started on June 5 and will take approximately seven weeks to complete.